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About LPHS


Lone Pine High School was established in 1916 and continues its traditions and close ties with alumni and the community. Lone Pine offers its residents a tranquil, small-town atmosphere, a strong sense of community, and a stunning setting. While its residents are hardworking and industrious, they are fortunate to live in a year-round vacation land. The seasons provide almost unlimited recreational choices: fishing, hunting, backpacking, hang-gliding, pack trips, skiing, golfing, rock climbing, boating, 4X4 off-road driving, and geological exploring. Fall in Lone Pine is a paradise for photographers looking for brilliant autumn colors.

Lone Pine High School educates students in grades nine through twelve on a traditional calendar system. Lone Pine High School is committed to providing a strong instructional program for all students to ensure excellence in education. This excellence can be seen in the staff who play such a vital role in providing a quality educational program.

Lone Pine High School teachers, staff, and administrators act on the principle that students come first. The educational programs at the school are tailored to meet the needs of a changing school population. Lone Pine High School is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every student and providing the most comprehensive educational experience.


The mission of Lone Pine High School is to provide a safe, positive learning environment for students to learn...

• Self Discipline
• Academic Skills
• Work Ethic Skills


To accomplish the school's mission, the following Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) were established. All graduating seniors are expected to be:

Technologically Saavy Learners who:

  • solve problems
  • process information
  • use a variety of software applications

Individuals whose Mathematics Abilities allow them to:

  • employ reasoning skills through understanding and applying mathematical concepts

Citizens who are:

  • responsible
  • productive
  • respectful

Individuals whose Personal Habits are:

  • healthy
  • safe
  • moral